CW's Riverdale: See Archie's K.J. Apa Sexiest Shirtless Pics

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Yesterday we got a look at Riverdale's resident gay, Kevin Keller (Casey Cott), so it only makes sense that we check in on Archie himself (K.J. Apa) in all of his sexy shirtless glory. And can we all just say that Archie is officially a panty assassinator? Riverdale is the new CW series based on the Archie comics, and it debuted last night to strong reviews and, of course, included a shirtless scene with Archie himself. Archie changes by the window while Kevin and Betty (Lili Reinhart) take in the scenery as Kevin exclaims "Archie got hot!" 

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Yeah, he fucking did grl. In addition to last night's scene, we have some other evidence of Apa's insane sexiness. While filming Riverdale this summer, the 19-year-old K.J. was *CAUGHT* randomly lifting up his shirt and eating a banana in the same walkabout in front of the paps. Candid! I'm sure the CW execs who orchestrated that were just so candid while they jizzed their loins. K.J. Apa has also posted shirtless pics to his Instagram and I'm sure there'll be more to come in the future. Until then just head to the gallery if you want to curb your Apa-tite! Oh and here's a GIF because I have no chill. 

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